Growing Capacity, Inc.
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Welcome to Growing Capacity Invest for Development
Promoting successful investment
Growing Capacity, Inc. is a consultancy helping governments and companies to develop policies and strategies to promote investment that can maximize returns to both investors and host communities. Growing Capacity sees investment as a win-win solution, not a zero-sum game.
Our goal is to help governments, communities and companies to meet their own objectives. You know what you want to achieve. Our consultancy listens to you and supports your own decision-making process.
Tailored solutions
Growing Capacity assists your policy-making and decision-making by organizing appropriate and efficient experience-sharing, through meetings and research.
As each country, region and locality is different, we do not talk of learning from “best” practices. Rather, we encourage clients to learn from practices that have worked in similar situations (good practices) by adapting them to their own circumstances and stage of development. Time can also be saved by learning from policies that have failed (bad practices).
How we work
Multi-stakeholder dialogues and seminars: practical results, efficient time use.
Research reports: policy-oriented, focusing on agreed conclusions and practical recommendations.
Continuous assessment: results are monitored in a feedback loop to determine next steps.
Some key development objectives:
- Rising incomes
- Education/literacy
- Healthcare/life expectancy/hygiene
- Affordable housing
- Decent work
Investor Aims
Investors need to maximize long-term risk-weighted returns on investment.
To achieve this, companies need to minimize reputational risk by adhering to
international standards of corporate conduct.
- Governments (national and local)
- Companies and other investors
- International organizations
- Academics
- Labor
- NGOs